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The ICE tools group is looking for excellent Ph.D. students and Postdocs which are hired and paid as full-time researchers....

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Virtual Platform Design

Tutor:Lukas Jünger

In the fast-paced development cycles of today, Virtual Platforms (VPs) have become an essential tool in embedded software development. VPs are simulators that can execute unmodified target code. They are typically available long before their hardware counterparts, allowing to start software development earlier.

Ideally, there should be no discernible difference between using a VP or physical hardware from the point of view of the software developer. Notably, it should react to inputs as quickly as real hardware. To achieve this, fast but precise models of the actual hardware components are needed.

Advanced Matlab Development

Tutors: Ahmed Hallawa

Phoenix is an European H2020 project in FET-Open, a scheme for Future Emerging Technologies and cooperation projects for advanced and paradigm-changing innovation. Phoenix, that is jointly executed by TU Eindhoven, RWTH Aachen and KU Leuven, focusses on the development and implementation of ultra-low power swarm of agents using advanced machine learning techniques.