Tools Group

  • Tools group (SSS)


    The ICE tools group is looking for excellent Ph.D. students and Postdocs which are hired and paid as full-time researchers. Talented people interested in contributing to a leading-edge research institute are invited to submit their application at any time.
    Your tasks:

    • Contribute to ICE´s R&D projects in the areas of algorithms, architectures, and/or design tools
    • Interact…
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HiWi / WiHi job offers

Wi-Hi Position: Programming:


  • Bachelor degree in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering or similar with excellent results.
  • Sound knowledge in the field of Deep Learning, especially supervised learning.
  • Practical experience with the design of neural networks and learning algorithms for recognition and classification of objects in images.
  • Very good programming knowledge in Python and C++ as well as very good handling of the library Tensorflow.
  • Excellent communication skills.


Shawan Mohammed


Collaboration on the BMVI-funded R&D project Aperol in the areas of recognition and classification using camera and LIDAR sensors, deep learning, as well as working on the open source framework Apollo3.5 for autonomous driving. The primary task is software development and requires good knowledge of C++ and Python.


The ICE is looking for a Bachelor graduate who will be employed for software development as a half-time scientific assistant (WiHi, 20h per week).