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    The ICE tools group is looking for excellent Ph.D. students and Postdocs which are hired and paid as full-time researchers. Talented people interested in contributing to a leading-edge research institute are invited to submit their application at any time.
    Your tasks:

    • Contribute to ICE´s R&D projects in the areas of algorithms, architectures, and/or design tools
    • Interact…
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HiWi / WiHi job offers

Advanced Matlab Development:


In that regard, we are looking for highly motivated programs with very good Matlab skills.


Ahmed Hallawa


Our aim is to investigate a new line of technology that will enable the exploration of difficult-to-access environments exploiting a risky, highly-novel approach called Phoenix.


Phoenix is an European H2020 project in FET-Open, a scheme for Future Emerging Technologies and cooperation projects for advanced and paradigm-changing innovation. Phoenix, that is jointly executed by TU Eindhoven, RWTH Aachen and KU Leuven, focusses on the development and implementation of ultra-low power swarm of agents using advanced machine learning techniques.