Name Year    Now with
Baum, Manfred2000
Cogel, Manfred1996
Czernewski, Dirk2009
Fischer, Karl-Heinz2005
Jäger, Manuela1996Philips, Aachen
Kohler, Bernd2013RZ RWTH Aachen
Lehnen, Manuela2005
Merx, Birgit1998TEMA Technologie Marketing, Aachen
Müller, Ute2014ISEA RWTH Aachen
Müller, Pia2014
Müßigbrodt, Sonja2013
Rordorf, Caroline2017
Schabram, Sarah2014
Stüsser, Auguste2000
Wessing, Lutz2012
Yu, Mengrong2015
Zinner, Marion2014

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ICE invites applications for a Postdoc position

Area: Application Specific Computing Systems and Hardware Architectures

EC selected TETRAMAX for funding, the successor of TETRACOM

We are glad to announce that the EC will grant the H2020 Innovation Action TETRAMAX with

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