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The Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded Systems (ICE) is jointly directed by Prof. Gerd Ascheid (Chair for Integrated Signal Processing Systems, ISS) and Prof. Rainer Leupers (Chair for Software for Systems on Silicon, SSS), who collaborate closely in research and complement each other with their expertise.

ICE´s mission is to contribute to the advancement of Embedded Systems Design. Emphasis is on the application domain of wireless communication and multimedia systems. The institute is structured into three tightly connected research groups (algorithms, architectures, and tools), thereby having the critical mass to cover all major aspects of system design.

Schematische Darstellung des Zusammenspiels zwischen Algorithmen, Werkzeugen und Architekturen

The key research areas at ICE are:

  • Transmission schemes and receiver algorithms for wireless digital communication systems
  • Hardware and chip architectures for embedded systems, in particular multiprocessor systems-on-chip (MPSoC)
  • Electronic system-level (ESL) design tools for complex integrated circuits and systems

There is a tight relation between these areas, since in the theoretical studies of transmission schemes and algorithms, implementation and design methodology aspects must be taken into account as well. Furthermore, wireless digital communication systems are often implemented using programmable chip architectures. In wireless there are typically the most extreme requirements:

  • High amount of flexibility, to enable multi-standard systems and short product development cycles
  • Extremely complex signal processing, to achieve best possible transmission quality with least possible resource utilization (bandwidth, transmit power)
  • Lowest power consumption for maximum battery operating time, heat reduction, and energy savings

All these demand for optimally tailored hardware architectures, such as processors with application specific instruction sets (ASIP, Application Specific Instruction Set Processors), as well as efficient design tools helping to manage the complexity and producing a high quality of result.

Within RWTH Aachen University, ICE´s research activities are complemented by the Embedded Software Lab (http://embedded.rwth-aachen.de), headed by Prof. Stefan Kowalewski.

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ICE is partner of BMBF Project I2EASE

Intelligence to efficiently electrified and automated driving through sensor networking /

Call for Participation in the International Workshop on Solutions for Multicore Debug 2015

SMD 2015 (previously known as S4D and MAD)

December 8, 2015 Hilton City Center, Munich, Germany

Gold Medal at the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC): Miguel Aguilar

Miguel Aguilar, research assistant at the SSS chair, was awarded as the winner of the ACM Student

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